You want to be remembered for all of the right reasons!

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“I am a recent college graduate and have worked for several months now in my current position.  I’ll be attending a company party in a few weeks, is it OK to have a drink at the party? – Michelle

‘A drink’ will be fine; more than that is a recipe for disaster!  You do not want to be known as the ‘fun’ girl in any way other than having a great ‘fun’ personality.  Spend your evening getting to know your coworkers and enjoy yourself without indulging too much.  Search out people from different departments that you do not get to interact with on a daily basis.  It will be a great way for you to learn more about your new environment and also a great way for people to learn more about you.  Also, remember to keep things positive…steer clear of any office politics, gossip, etc.  You want to make the best impression possible on your colleagues … and you want to be remembered by them for all of the right reasons!

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