Winter Weather Manners

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As we are gearing up for a winter snowstorm to hit Oklahoma today, I thought it would be good to revisit our “Winter Weather” manners.

– Check on the elderly…

  • Call to make sure they’re OK and offer your assistance.
  • If you’re able to get out, offer to take them food.
  • Offer to shovel their walk or drive.

– When driving, keep a safe distance.

  • This is no time for road rage, or impatience.
  • Do your best to clear the snow from your vehicle.  It’s a bit unnerving (not to mention dangerous) to have a sheet of ice fly off the top of the car in front of you and smash into your windshield.

– Be extra polite to the service providers who may be…

  • trying to get your electricity turned back on
  • trying to deliver your mail
  • trying to keep the entrance to your office building cleared

Stay warm and be safe.  Spring is coming – hopefully soon according to the groundhog.

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