Who said ‘Formal Living Rooms’ are off limits!?!?!

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When we built our home, a number of people said, ‘don’t waste the space on a formal living room, you’ll never use it!’
Welllllll, we actually do, and I’m glad we have it. It’s a nice place to go and ‘get away’. I love the little settee, it’s great to curl up on a read (not that that happens very often). Sometimes Guapito and I sit there and talk or read or play.

Speaking of Guapito… he had his own idea for a party. After all of the entertaining we have been doing the past few weeks, he felt like having his own party.

After he ‘rearranged’ the formal living room, he decided to move things into his room for a different ‘look’.

He even decided he wanted ‘party favors’.

I love the fact that he is having fun in the ‘formal living room’ and is enjoying the things some would deem ‘off limits’!!!

Making Memories and Loving life!!!!

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