What’s in your purse?

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This past week, I was honored when a single dad asked me to help give his daughter advice on what to put in her new purse.  As I started thinking about what I have in my purse, I thought I’d ask my Facebook friends to chime in with their thoughts, and boy did they step up to the plate!  (Thank you ladies!)

Here is the list we came up with:

Lipstick / Chapstick

A mirror – in case spinach gets stuck in your teeth

Id (so the good Samaritan who finds your purse if it’s lost can return it to you)



Floss sticks


A ‘hankie’ (an old fashioned handkerchief mentioned a few times)

Wallet / Coin Purse

Cash (always have some cash on hand for emergencies)

Emery board

Personal toiletry items



Small notepad

Miniature Swiss Army knife (but not at school)

Pepper Spray

Brush or comb

Hair tie


Hand lotion

Trial size of your favorite perfume

Hand sanitizer

Small mending kit with a few safety pins

I suggested checking the local drug store for small, travel size, portions of toiletry items so the purse doesn’t get loaded down with too much stuff!

Ladies, what are you ‘must have’ items to include on the list?  Did we miss anything?  If so, hop over to my Facebook page to share your thoughts.  We want to make sure we have this young lady setup and ready to go!

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