Manner Monday: Chewing Gum?

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Chewing gum?  How about opting for mints instead?

Oscar night.  I did not have the pleasure of watching the entire red carpet report, but it seems as though the few times I did tune in, it was to see a celebrity chomping on gum.  There they were, all dressed up, heading into the Oscars… and all I could see was…their mouth… chomping… on gum.   Didn’t even notice what they were wearing.  (Maybe the designers should add ‘no gum chewing while wearing my design’ to their contracts!)

Yes, the management of Wrigley touts two centuries of research finding many benefits of chewing gum.  I do not discount the research; I just suggest that gum chewing take place in the privacy of your car or your home.

Are you making a good first impression and leaving a lasting positive image?  It’s really hard to take someone serious when they are chomping on gum.

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