The “Thank You Note and Event Manager” app

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I’m excited to annouce the release of our new app; just in time to help you keep track of all of the Christmas, Hanukah and other Holiday gifts… and the many thank-you notes that need to be written!

The Thank You Note & Event Manager app allows users to stay organized, keep up with manners

While it may seem the hand-written “Thank You” note is a thing of the past, it lends a more genuine feel than the canned email reply that is typically deleted before ever opened.

The Thank You Note & Event Manager app will not only help with the daunting task of remembering and sending out thank-you notes, but also help the organizationally challenged keep track of gifts, guests, special occasions and numerous other events.

“In addition to helping anyone keep tabs on gifts for all occasions, it is also designed for professionals to track clients, customers and colleagues to send hand-written notes to for such occasions as after the job interview, after a networking event, a promotion, business lunch or meeting,” said Carey Sue Vega, etiquette expert.

The Thank You Note & Event Manager app helps keep inventory of stationery items and ties them to events, and it will remind users when they are low on product. It can record event details, guest lists, RSVPs, gifts, thank-you notes, and even organize them by date and importance.

The Guest List feature allows users to import guests from a current contact list into the Thank You Note and Event Manager contacts folders, complete with a snap shot of the guest for a visual reminder.  It also allows users to keep track of guests as they RSVP, giving an accurate guest count to help aid in the event planning process.  Another unique feature allows users to take a photo of a received gift for easier recognition of the item when ready to send a personalized thank-you card.

Those who get bogged down with multiple calendars in a phone, day planner, or computer can use the Thank You Note & Event Manager to set event reminders to keep on track before the event, as well as afterward.

“The calculator function breaks down the note-writing process into easy chunks, helping you to plan how many days or how much time you need to allow to write your notes,” Vega said. “This, we find, was a great and much-needed tool for our busy lifestyles and to make the process manageable.”

The app also includes a function, which provides a direct link to the Manner Monday blog, which provides more helpful tips and inspiration.

Click here to view the “Thank You Note and Event Manager” app in the app store.

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