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Please pardon the nautical use of ‘welcome aboard’… it’s hard to shake after working on cruise ships for 10 years!  Click here to learn more about that fun part of our life (yes, I met my husband at sea).

Every Monday, I write a Manner Monday blog post where I share tips and tools to help you navigate to professional and social seas of life. I also offer programs for 5th-8th grade, 9th-12th grade, and Business Etiquette and Professionalism Training.

To learn more about those different programs, click on the links below:

5th-8th Grade (Oklahoma City and Edmond)
9th-12th Grade High School ‘Passport’ Program
9th-12th Grade Interview Intensive
Business Etiquette and Professionalism Training
Online Course – Table Manners for Kids
Manner Monday Blog Posts

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