Technology vs. Talk?

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Keep in mind technology is great:  but truly successful people will be those who can TALK and be SOCIAL with other people.  With social skills on the decline due to our new relationships with technology, those who have the ability to talk and be social (without their digital device doing the legwork) will shine in any setting!

Texting and Email is black and white.  No voice, no tone, no empathy, no body language.  Decide which form of communication is better suited for the message you are conveying.  Do you need your voice and body language to make sure the message is conveyed accurately?  Or is there “no room for error” and an email or text is sufficient?

Many of us think it may be easier to send a colleague or client a digital message because we think it’s going to save time, yet picking up the phone (or walking down the hall) can actually save time in the long run of back and forth email exchanges, which sometimes takes days or weeks.  Added bonus, you get that human connection.

With the ability to “hide” behind our technology, more and more adults are experiencing anxiety over attending social functions and interacting face-to-face.  Practice your social skills by choosing to “talk” vs. “technology” when the opportunity presents itself.



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