Technology Gaffes

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When it comes to technology, texting and Facebook; you often hear adults referring to people misusing their smart phones as “those kids”.  Wellllll, we polled our students in Cotillion last season and asked them to share the technology “don’ts” they find most offensive.  We found their responses interesting and thought you would too.

The following list is compiled of comments from our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students:

–       Table texting

–       Parents texting while kids are talking to them

–       Texting and Driving

–       Parents texting you (the child) while you’re both at home

–       Parents texting during events like movies and church

–       Parents having loud ringtones that draw attention

–       Parents using text lingo wrong

–       Parents constantly checking Facebook

–       Responding to a text with one word – or not at all

–       Students texting while in class

From the looks of this list, it appears as though the technology gaffes don’t have as many generational boundaries as some of us may assume.

I know I see a few things on this list I need to work on… I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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