Take your Children to work day

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The fourth Thursday in April has evolved into “Take your children to work day”.  It’s a great way for youngsters to explore career opportunities and to see first-hand what mom or dad does in the office.

Before heading out to the office with your son or daughter in tow, slow down, and spend some time with your child; prepare him or her, and explain what is expected for the day and what ‘exactly’ do you consider appropriate behavior.  Look them in the eye when you speak to them and explain how you expect them to treat your workplace and your co-workers with respect.  Just like the library, there are rules.  If they don’t know the rules going into the situation beforehand, they can’t be expected to behave accordingly.

As a co-worker, you may be tempted to offer candy or snacks to children visiting the office for the day.  Please check with the parent first… you never know how Junior reacts to sugar, things could get ugly – fast.

Manners and etiquette – it all boils down to making people feel comfortable.  By doing your due diligence to prepare your child for appropriate behavior in your workplace:  you will help to make him or her feel comfortable, and you will hopefully help to make your co-workers feel more comfortable as well.

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