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#FamilyFunDay: Ft. Sill and LETRA

The #FamilyFunDay series is an opportunity for us to share our adventures, tips, and ‘manners used’ for making the most of your day if you choose to take a similar adventure of your own. Ft. Sill and Lake Elmer Thomas Recreational Area (LETRA) are...
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Aunt Audie’s Fudge

Word to those in a hurry … Completely read all instructions before you begin!!!   3 cups sugar ¾ cup butter (1 ½ sticks) 1 small can (5oz) evaporated milk (about 2/3 c) 1 pkg Semi-Sweet chocolate chips (about 2 c) 1 jar of...
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Creative Re-Purposing: Snack time

When I find something I ‘love’, ‘can’t live without’, ‘have to have’, I try to figure out how I can use it creatively… for something more than it’s original purpose. Such as this adorable Mackenzie-Childs stacking tea set… That we hide snacks in… That Billy...
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Colorful Cupcakes

Yes… I’ve been living under a rock! Recently a friend, Kate Lewis, posted this fun tip over on her blog about tie-dye cupcakes So I shared her post on Facebook and received many comments… apparently this is something many of you already do! Well,...
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Ice Cream Pops

We’ve been making these yummy Ice Cream Pops for the past few weeks. They make such a nice treat. They’re just the right size, they’re easy to eat, and they leave no dishes to clean! Here’s what you will need: For the 4th of...
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