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Colorful Cupcakes

Yes… I’ve been living under a rock! Recently a friend, Kate Lewis, posted this fun tip over on her blog about tie-dye cupcakes So I shared her post on Facebook and received many comments… apparently this is something many of you already do! Well,...
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Tomato Pie

The other day the Food Network was on in the background as we were getting dinner ready and we caught the tail end of Neely Brown creating some sort of Tomato Pie concoction.  I could not stop thinking about it….so we whipped up something...
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Cider-Glazed Salmon

I’m a huge fan of the family dinner.  What a great opportunity to enjoy your family and visit about the day.  And of course it gives us the chance to work on a little cutlery civility with Guapito! I’ve been reading “A Homemade Life”...
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