Summer Update

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We are currently working on class logistics for all of our programs and should have the finalized schedules available soon for distribution.

To achieve the best teaching situation, we try to have an equal male/female ratio.  Here is the current list of “needs” for students for our various classes:

Oklahoma City Location:

            5th grade: we need GIRLS

            6th Grade:  we need BOYS

            7/8th Grade:  we need BOYS

Edmond Location:

            5th grade:  we need BOYS

            6th grade:  we have a few spaces available for both BOYS and GIRLS

            7/8th grade:  we have a few spaces available for both BOYS and GIRLS


I need your help, can you help recruit?   Consider your children’s friends.  Sometimes “safety in numbers” helps them to feel more comfortable.  After the first class, they realize all is well and that they actually enjoy it.  Also consider the children of co-workers, church friends, or fellow members of social organizations.

How To Convince The Parents:

You already understand the value of teaching your child social skills and manners in public, but what parent could ignore this testimony?   “Carey Sue – Thought you might be interested to know that my son (now a college junior) was unexpectedly invited to lunch with the University President last Friday.  (He has been working as an intern in the administration office this past summer).  Good thing he had those cotillion lessons to fall back on!  They never know when that knowledge will come in handy!” – Denise

How To Convince In The Boys:

Of course, you may have to be a bit sneaky!  Tell them that this is their chance to make friends with GIRLS their age…

Better yet, they will have an adult coaching them through the art of conversation, giving compliments, telephone courtesy and even sports etiquette. Not only that—they will eat a formal meal and learn to dance (with girls).  It’s their own personal course on How to Impress the Ladies!

Please don’t hesitate to call or E-mail if you have questions.  Thank you in advance for you help!

Here is a great Youtube video of students talking about their experience:



Online Registration link:

We look forward to seeing everyone in the fall!

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