Setting the Table

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With Thanksgiving and the Christmas Holidays right around the corner I’ve been asked to share some fun and easy tips to make setting the table a breeze.

First of all, keep it simple.  If it’s not going to be used – don’t put it on the table.  No need to line up all of your grandmother’s silver ‘just because’ and leave your guests navigating unnecessary items.  Plus, you will more than likely need as much tabletop real estate as possible to squeeze everyone into an overly crowded table.  If you do have additional space and want to ‘spiffy’ up your table, you can add extra touches through flowers and other accessories to make it a bit more special for the Holiday.

Forgo the ‘kids table’.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Mix the kiddos’ in with the adults.  This is a great opportunity for children to ‘learn’ in an atmosphere where it’s ok to make mistakes.  Reach out to an Aunt or Uncle, Brother or Sister, and ask if they would mind lending junior a helping hand during the meal.  More than likely your child will be excited to sit by someone they admire and will be more open to taking ‘coaching’ suggestions from them anyway!

Basic Table Setting Tips

  • 4 letters in “Left” and 4 letters in “Fork”, the four letter utensils will be placed to the Left of the dinner plate.
  • 5 letters in “Right” and 5 letters in “Knife”, “Spoon”, and “Drink”, the five letter utensils will be placed to the Right of the dinner plate.  By placing the Drink at the top of the Knife, it keeps the glass out of the way of passing food leaving fewer opportunities for an accidental spill.
  • Bread and Butter Plates:  If your table has enough space and you want to add them to the place setting, they will go to the Left, above the Forks.  It’s a ‘stretch’ but there are four ‘words’ in ‘Bread and Butter Plate’, going with the theme of 4 letters in Left, it will help you to remember which side.  Plus there is ‘no room in the inn’ on the right with the drinks.

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