Senior Spotlight: Presley Rhea

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by Carey Sue Vega in Classes, Senior Spotlight

“I have been able to be part of Expeditions in Etiquette for 5 years and I wish that I could have participated for all 8 years. I have made some of the closest friends through the program with people that I would have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

Each year I found new questions to ask and how to handle specific situations that I may be put in throughout my life. Now I feel extremely confident entering into college knowing that I am prepared with the knowledge of etiquette that most of my peers will not have.

And if for some reason I don’t know the answer, I’ll keep Mrs. Vega on speed dial!”
-Presley Rhea

Absolutely Presley, you know you can always text or call!!! We look forward to keeping in touch!

Presley Rhea

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