Senior Spotlight: Nathan Bowker

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Over the many years I’ve done Cotillion my favorite event was the Winter Ball.  Since 5th grade I’ve enjoyed the dancing portion of the classes the most, because I got to meet a lot of new people and dancing is tons of fun! Mrs. Vega has taught me everything I need to know for all proper occasions, but I specifically appreciate what she taught me about formal dining. I have never felt uncomfortable at a formal dinner since I started taking her classes. Cotillion has been a great experience for me and I hope others are able to learn and enjoy it as much as I did.  – Nathan


Mom’s perspective:

MY big push on why Nathan should take Cotillion and continue was that it would better balance out all of his sports activities. (A Mom’s gotta use every angle possible w/ these guys.)  And, manners never go out of style and are necessary everywhere – even on the baseball field!  lol

Of course, you know that Nathan LOVES to meet new people (especially of the female persuasion) and Cotillion provided that environment.  I STILL crack up when thinking about watching Nathan do the Snowball Dance!  It might be his favorite.  And of course, your enthusiasm and humor is Nathan’s favorite! – Bernadette

… and we couldn’t resist the picture below of Nathan during his 5th grade year at Cotillion…

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