Senior Spotlight: Kelsey Jennings

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by Carey Sue Vega in Classes, Etiquette, Manners, Senior Spotlight

Here’s another one of our graduating seniors who has been with us for the long haul!  She’s an amazing and gifted young lady with a passion for God.  We’ve enjoyed watching her grow and mature over the years and look forward to seeing her grow even more.

“Looking back on the past eight years, my mind is overwhelmed with different memories. My first few classes of the program, going to the Civic Center, getting dressed up for the balls. Each memory is extremely different from the next. Each are precious and fun in their own way.

I’m the “typical case” when it comes to the program. Originally, my parents forced me continue. After two or three years, I really began to enjoy it. I made new friends, had fun, and got to wear pretty dresses. For a middle school girl, that’s more than enough reason to continue. But, as I grew into high school, I was able to recognize how useful the program was, and is, as I continue to grow into a young adult. (Plus I still got to hangout with my friends.) This really encouraged me to continue to be involved in the program, not just as a participant but also as an ambassador and teen board member.
Some of my favorite activities were our “outings”. As a high school participant, we are able to go around Oklahoma City and participate in a variety of activities. Some of my favorites were the art museum and the shows at the Civic Center. I really enjoyed being able to connect with other participants outside of the typical classroom setting.” –  Kelsey
Kelsey Jennings


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