Senior Spotlight: James Lee

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by Carey Sue Vega in Senior Spotlight

James is such a great, outgoing, and caring young man.  He has participated with us in programs for over six years.  He is an excellent communicator and we look forward to seeing what all he accomplishes – this kid is going places!!!  Thank you James for always putting a smile on our faces!

“What a fantastic program. There was never lesson where I didn’t learn something. It was always a great place to meet people and have a great time. I will never forget the time in eighth grade when I came to class with my tie undone and none of the fathers there, including those who were wearing ties at the time, could tie it. That instance imparted on me the importance of the program and the skills that it can teach. I always loved getting to see Mr. and Mrs. Vega at the functions and they always made it their job to make it enjoyable for everyone. It is most assuredly one of the best experiences I’ve had.”  – James Lee

James Lee


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