Senior Spotlight: Emily Hopper

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by Carey Sue Vega in Classes, Senior Spotlight

“From the first class, I was introduced to Expeditions In Etiquette with Mrs. Vega’s welcoming smile that put me at ease. I had been taught to set table and to chew with my mouth closed at an early age but it wasn’t until participating in classes with Mrs. Vega that I learned the ‘why’ behind all of these things!  Immediately I was immersed into a class of great students who were truly happy to be there.”

Emily Hopper was very busy during her high school years.  In addition to her academic work she also found time to work toward a doula certification with DONA International and participate in several different clubs.  Emily even won a community service award for the club she and her sisters founded, Priceless Girlhood.  She also spent her time campaigning for various political candidates, volunteering, and working as a nanny and as a Student Ambassador for Expeditions in Etiquette.  Emily was recently asked to staff a week-long camp for TeenPact, a leadership class that teaches young people about our constitution and government.  Emily plans to spend the next year preparing for university and working part-time at OBA.

Emily Hopper

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