Senior Spotlight: Corynn McMurray

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by Carey Sue Vega in Senior Spotlight

Corynn has participated in programs with us for over six years. This fall she will be attending Rose State College on a full tuition leadership scholarship to major in pre- nursing. Following Rose State, she plans to attend The University Of Oklahoma to further her education to become a pediatric nurse practitioner, possibly minoring in journalism as well. We feel like Corynn is part of our family!!!!

“I began the program upon entering the seventh grade and the memories I made are memories I will cherish always. My favorite memory was probably playing the “Snowball Game” at the end of year ball, and winning the prize. In the game, you ballroom dance with a partner with a foam ball held between your foreheads. During the high school program’s white tie ball, my partner was at least six feet tall and a few years ahead of me. We ended up winning two years in a row! My favorite events during the year were the end of the year black tie and white tie balls, both in Junior High and High School.  As well as the balls, I enjoyed the theater outings with the high school program where we were introduced to members of the show we were seeing and taught theater etiquette, what a treat! I continued the program into my senior year simply due to the fact that I loved my time spent there. I made so many friends that I am still close with today as well. As well as enjoying myself I always learned something new every year! I was always anxious to learn something new the next year, so why stop? The program truly does prepare you for any social situation you are put into. Since participating, I have never felt insecure on how to handle or conduct myself within a formal setting. Mr. and Mrs. Vega not only were my teachers through the years, but amazing friends as well!”  – Corynn McMurray

Corynn McMurray

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