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Another query from a reader and her son:  My son and I have a question about the etiquette for using a revolving door when is mixed company…what is proper? For a gentleman to enter first, since the door is heavy, or to encourage the lady to enter the revolving door first?  I know we don’t have that many revolving doors in our community, but this would be helpful especially in traveling, etc.  We encountered this while dining in a nice restaurant in Atlanta area. – Bernadette

Out on a date when chivalry is being demonstrated…

Revolving doors:  if it is already moving, then the lady enters first.  If it is stationary and needs to be set into motion, the gentleman leads the way and the lady follows.

Traditional doors:

If the door is closed and pulls toward you, the gentleman should pull the door open and hold it while the lady enters.

If the door pushes away from you, the gentleman should not only push the door out, but also walk through it.  Then he holds it open while the lady walks through.

When not on a date:  In the hustle and bustle of today’s business world, it’s courteous for the first person that approaches the door to hold it for the next, no matter the gender.

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