‘Relax’, ‘Take a break’, ‘Unwind’

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‘Relax’, ‘Take a break’, ‘Unwind’ are all words we hear on a regular basis.

It seems as though we are all way too busy.  More and more, it seems I’m having the conversation or hearing about how everyone is too stressed, over taxed and over scheduled.

Welllllll, I can not wait.  My mom turned 70 this year.  For her birthday, my aunt, sister and I are taking mom on a trip to the spa this weekend.  This spa trip thing is a first for me and I have to say, I’m a little nervous.

Nervous; that I’m going to be away from Guapo and Guapito for two half days, two full days, and three nights.  (I miss them already.)

Nervous; I’m not taking my laptop…but I will have my smartphone…Will I be able to unplug and leave it alone and not ‘check it’ every so often?

Nervous; that I’m actually going to relax and not know what to do with myself Sunday night when I’m home safe and sound ready to take on 2010 with a refreshed, relaxed, attitude?!?!?

I do know one thing, I’m going to do my best to actually figure out how to ‘Relax’, ‘Take a break’, ‘Unwind’ and hopefully bring home some fabulous, fail proof tips to incorporate into the new year.

So my friends, I hope you have the opportunity to take a break over the next few days as you ring in the new year, refreshing and preparing for what 2010 holds in store.  Enjoy your time with family and friends.

Actually, I know ONE more thing.  I have the best husband in the world who didn’t even miss a beat, telling me to ‘Go, have a great time.  Guapito and I will be just fine.’  Thank you honey!  I’m thinking I will owe you a man-trip to Home Depot upon my return!  I can see you now, camping out in the lumber department.

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