Registration for the 2012-2013 Cotillion Season

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Registration for the 2012-2013 Cotillion Season is underway.

Don’t forget to register now to avoid the waiting list!

MANY of you have been asking about the registration process, which is currently underway.
YES! You are welcome to share this information with friends and family.

Each year in Junior Cotillion we build on the previous year as we add to the curriculum.  We have many students who continue with us each season, from our 5th grade program through our Premiere, High School program.  Our goal with the continuous exposure, and gentle reminders, of the courtesies we teach over consecutive years – is to assist you in raising well-mannered young adults.

You may register online via:

Or you may print this pdf and mail it via the address on the form:  Junior Cotillion Registration 2012-2013

If you are passing along the information to friends, you already understand the value of teaching your child social skills and manners in public, but what parents could ignore these testimonies?

“This summer, I had the opportunity to travel as a US Ambassador to Canada…Most of the other teen ambassadors at my table were very confused as to what silverware to use, [etc.].  I felt so prepared… I emailed Mrs. Vega the next day to tell her how much her classes helped me!”  – Jake

“Carey Sue – Thought you might be interested to know that my son (now a college junior) was unexpectedly invited to lunch with the University President last Friday.  (He has been working as an intern in the administration office this past summer).  Good thing he had those years of Cotillion lessons to fall back on!  They never know when that knowledge will come in handy!”  – Denise.

Pretty neat!  Please feel free to pass along this post to perspective parents.

How To Lure In The Boys:

Of course, you may have to be a bit sneaky!  Tell them that this is their chance to make friends with GIRLS their age…

Better yet, they will have a socialization expert coaching them through the art of conversation, giving compliments, telephone courtesy and even sports etiquette. Not only that—they will eat a five course meal and learn to dance (with girls).  It’s their own personal course on How to Impress the Ladies!  That’ll get ‘em.

Oh, and also have them watch this Youtube video of other boys talking about their experience.


Please don’t hesitate to email or call if you have questions.




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