Quail Creek Middle Schooler Shines

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By Laurel Hall
I have a friend who is a jeweler, and he told me that in order for a gemstone to be beautiful, it must have many facets. A stone hacked-off in one direction would not be the sparkling treasure it could be if it were cut purposefully in several directions.

The gemstone metaphor applies to our children. In today’s world of hectic schedules with multiple sports and technology driven communication, encouraging kids to have facets that include grace and chivalry can be a challenge. But not for the Hanke family of Quail Creek.

Meet Quail Creek resident Savannah Hanke. A straight-A student since first grade at Quail Creek Elementary, Savannah has enjoyed tremendous success in the classroom. Most recently, she competed….  click here to read ‘the rest of the story’.

Savannah Hanke

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