Placemats: Billy approved

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I’m SO excited!!!  The placemats for the Manner Monday stationery line have been a labor of love and they are finally available.  I ordered one for Billy and I am pleased to say, it was an immediate hit!

Tonight, as we were getting dinner ready and setting the table, he said, “Hello, where’s my new placemat!?”   He retrieved it from the island and moved it to the dinner table, proceeded to get his utensils, cup, salt and pepper, etc. and place the items neatly in their places.  Throughout dinner, the placemat sparked great conversation.  He was concerned that he did not place a knife on his mat, I assured him it was ok … we were having stew.  And he happily ate his meal knowing that his dessert spoon was waiting and that ice cream was in his near future.

Now… let me enjoy this moment as before I know it, he’ll be 14 and looking at me like “what?” when I ask him if he knows what a fork is for!

If you’re interested in ordering placemats for the little ones in your life, please visit:

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