“Pardon me” – as I squeeze into my theater seat

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I love questions from our readers:  Last week, my daughter and I attended a musical performance and noticed the many ways people would “squeeze” by people to take their seats in the middle of the row.  Here’s my question, If you are seated, what’s the proper way to let someone pass by you – stand up or pull your self as close as you can to your seat.  Also, should the “passer” pass with their front side or back side facing the people they are trying to pass? – Thanks! Jennifer

If you are already seated, and someone is making his or her way past you; you have a couple of options, the first is to turn your legs in the direction the person is moving to make more space.  The other option is; if the seats fold and the performance or game has yet to commence, you can stand to make room for the “passer”.

If you are the “passer”, I recommend facing the people as you go by.  This way you can smile and thank them as you go by… it’s so much nicer to see a smiling face looking at you, in lieu of someone’s caboose.

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