No Acknowledgment or ‘Thank-you’

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I have given my housekeeper a Christmas bonus, one week’s pay, the past three or four years.  Each year, except this past one, she has acknowledged and verbally thanked me for her bonus.  I leave her bonus check on the counter as I am not home when she comes to clean.  Am I wrong to be upset that she did not acknowledge my bonus?  Do I give her one next year?


My Thoughts:

I know many people who have stopped giving gifts because they did not receive a Thank-you!  Keep in mind that gift giving is just that, it’s a ‘gift’.

I don’t think you are wrong to be upset by her lack of acknowledgement.  I would wait to make the decision on next year’s ‘gift’.  Maybe she will say something or better yet, write you a note in the days to come.  If not, when the time arrives, assess the situation.  If no thank-you or acknowledgement has occurred, maybe give her a small token, ie candle, candy, etc., in lieu of the money.  Or opt for no gift at all.

Another option, write her a note asking if she received the gift (even if they check has been cashed).  It would be a great example for her to see the art of the handwritten note in action.

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