Native American Day

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One of my dear friends dating back to elementary school is Native American… Ponca Indian to be exact.  When we were little, she invited me to a Ponca Indian Dance (Dances are a bit different from a Pow Wow).  I went to “White Eagle” (the Indian Community where she lived outside of our home town) with her and had the time of my life.  I remember at that young age noticing how respectful they were of one another.   

The time I’ve spent with my friend Jana and her family over the years has taught me; Indians are big on respect:  respecting elders, family members and each other… respect for the land, Mother Nature and God. 

It took me forever to figure out her immediate family and siblings… as she calls everyone in her family “brother” or “sis”.  She treats each and every single one of them (me included) as if they were her closest siblings.

Another interesting observation about the women elders in her family; her grandmother always wore a skirt or dress and carried a lap blanket wherever she went to cover her legs when around males.

If you have a friend who is Native American, ask him or her to share some of their favorite family stories or traditions with you.  I promise, you’ll be thankful you did.

Happy Native American Day, Friday, September 28.

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