National Business Etiquette Week

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More and more I’m hearing from human resource mangers how they need assistance in training their employees on the importance of professionalism and soft skills.  It’s so much more than “which fork?” — which is what comes to mind when many people hear the words manners, etiquette or protocol.  Many offices have a variety of employees ranging in age, background and, of course, gender.  With so many different personalities in one space, people are often left to question, “What is appropriate business etiquette?”  In many corporate environments, what one person may take for granted as standard operating procedure in the world of etiquette, another employee is not even remotely aware of a breach. So, in honor of National Business Etiquette week, I would love for you to visit my blog each day this week where I will post tips that will hopefully be helpful to you as navigate your business environment.

Here’s wishing you a happy “National Business Etiquette Week”!

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