National Business Etiquette Week: Business Gifts

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Business Gifts can be the perfect way to share an important milestone with a colleague or a great way to show a client they matter.  Business Gifts can also create an uncomfortable situation where boundaries are crossed and client or colleague relations are left hanging in an awkward, uncomfortable state.  Take some time to think through whether a gift is appropriate and necessary.  By choosing a gift that is too expensive or extravagant sends the wrong signal and can easily create ethical issues.  Sometimes a simple card is gift enough.

Gifts for the Boss?  Refrain from giving a personal gift to the boss; unfortunately this may be frowned upon by your colleagues leaving them thinking you’re trying to one up them.  Instead, if a gift is necessary, look to your fellow employees and consider giving a “group” gift.  By giving a group gift, everyone is included and the opportunities for favoritism are left at bay.

It’s all in the Presentation.  Thinking through the presentation can make a small gift seem so much mores special.  Nice packaging says, “you’re important”, “you’re special”.

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