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by Carey Sue Vega in Classes

It’s ready for release!!! We hope you enjoy our video!

Sit back and enjoy… the Student Ambassadors put a lot of time, energy, effort – blood, sweat, and tears (of laughter) into this project!!!

It’s a fun take on ‘dress code’ rules for classes and shows how much fun the students actually have together! All of the vocalists and cast are current students of our program and volunteered to work on this project. Let them know how much you enjoyed it when you see them during classes!

Click on the image below to view the video:

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Song Lyrics:
We got things to do
Just a few dress code rules
You don’t want heels to high
And guys you’ll need a tie

But there are some rules
About all you dude’s suits
You have to look so nice
With jackets and dress ties

Don’t forget to smell good
Cause you’re dancing pretty close
And you don’t want girls to puke on you
Wear clean clothes

So button your shirt and fix up your hair
Cause I promise you those girls do care
Wear that, wear that – that khaki pants
And you’ll be all ready to dance
Ready to Dance

Girls how could we leave you out
There are rules to tell you about
About your shoes and dresses
In case you had some questions

Shoulders should be covered up
And dresses just above your knees
Those dresses should be long enough
So you can sit pretty

And your shoes should be to your comfort zone
Your feet should not have broken bones
I don’t don’t know what ‘s in your brains
Boys like being taller anyway

So when you sit down there are a couple of things
Unbutton your blazer so you can breath

Girls cross your legs but not at your knees
That’s how to sit pretty
How to sit pretty


How to sit strong

You’ll get up and stand next to your date
And he’ll take you to go get a plate

Guys get the girls plate and hand it to her
And the cookie you would prefer
Head back to your seat, and dance to the beat
The dances you learn are all so neat

So pretzel and swing
And do your thing
you’ll have a blast this evening
I don’t I don’t – don’t know what it is
But I love this whole class
Your gonna love this whole class

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