MannerMonday®: Perfume Overload

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by Carey Sue Vega in Business Etiquette

Once again the other day – I was met, in close quarters, with a nose full of perfume overload…. Which reminded me of my own personal run in with the perfume bottle.  This is a repost from a couple of years ago, but one that bears repeating:

Yes, back in the day I was a huge fan (to say the least) of the wildly popular Lauren perfume.

If you ever were a fan… you may remember a little squirt went a L-O-N-G way!!!  It was pretty strong stuff.  I’ll never forget going to school one day and a friend met me around the corner and said, “I knew you were here… I could smell you.”  Yikes! That was my first experience with “perfume overload”.

The other day I was reminded of that incident when I was on my way to a business meeting and was met with a “whiff” or should I say, “smacked” with an overwhelming does of men’s cologne.  It was so overwhelming… and I was trapped in the elevator!

Keep in mind, personal fragrance needs to be subtle. Especially when many people converge in the same area…too many scents in the same room can be overpowering.

A tip for removing too much perfume from your skin if you do over douse … rubbing alcohol, it works like a charm!

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