MannerMonday®: Asking Someone to Dance

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by Carey Sue Vega in Classes, Etiquette, Manner Monday, Manners

Now that school is back in swing, school dances are starting to pop up on calendars.  Asking someone to dance can stir up feelings of anxiety, so much so, that the person doing the asking may feel like they’re about to kick into  ‘hyperventilation’ mode.

Ladies, close your eyes. Think of the young men in your class at school. They want to ask you to dance. All the boys can think of is: – “I’m so embarrassed.”

  • “what if she thinks I can’t dance.”
  • “what if she thinks I’m goofy.
  • “I’ll just DIE if she says no.”

Now ladies, what are you thinking?: – “I’m so embarrassed.”

  • “what if he thinks I can’t dance.”
  • “what if he thinks I am goofy.”
  • “Secretly, I hope someone asks me to dance!”

It takes courage to ask someone to dance so:

  • Respect the person and his/or her courage and effort to actually ask you to dance and say: “Yes, I would love to, thank you for asking.” “No” is not an option, period.
  • Songs last, on average, three to four minutes. It’s an invitation to dance, not a marriage proposal.  Please be polite and courteous to the person who asks you to dance – it is truly your social responsibility to treat that person with respect and respond accordingly.
  • Keep in mind; by saying “yes”, there is a very good chance the person will return to his or her friends and tell them what a fun, cool and wonderful person you are … and you will have many, many more opportunities with other dance partners for the rest of the evening. If you say “no,” you may be on your own in the corner, watching as others have a great time!

Savannah Hanke

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