Manner Monday: Voicemail

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With so many of us using email to communicate, it seems as though our voicemail messages are becoming as hard to understand, as our handwriting is to read.

Here are some things to think about when leaving a voice message:

  • Identify yourself early on in the message. Never “Guess who?”
  • Speak clearly and keep background noises to a minimum, they are disturbing and can make it almost impossible to hear your message.
  • Leave both your first and last name, and phone number…caller ID is not always reliable.
  • When leaving your phone number, slow down!!!  It’s very frustrating to listen to the message numerous times while trying to decipher the phone number.
  • Try getting into the habit of stating your phone number (slowly) at both the beginning and the end of your message.  This may alleviate the need for a playback to try and capture the number.
  • Don’t ramble in your message.  Be straightforward, short and professional in your message.  The receiver will appreciate it.

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