Manner Monday: Veteran’s Day

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Veteran’s Day is Friday, November 11, 2011

We see them all of the time, men and women who serve our country out and about in our community.  We also see them in airports traveling to and from various assignments.  They are often easily identifiable by their military uniform.  Our Veteran’s usually aren’t so easy to spot as they now have the luxury of wearing civilian clothes.  Take a few minutes this Veteran’s Day to thank someone you know who has served our country.  If you’re interested in hearing stories about their experience, keep in mind that veteran’s experiences vary widely and a request for a story could easily stir up a range of emotions.  Some will be excited and comfortable to share stories and experiences about their service.  For others, asking them to share a story may place them in an awkward and uncomfortable situation.  Start by taking the time to reach out and “thank” them for their time and commitment.  If they offer to share a story or experience, treasure every minute and every word they share with you… It’s a pretty big deal!


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