Manner Monday: Unnecessary Dinner Table Accessories

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When you think about accessories for the dinner table; cell phones, purses and keys do not conjure up an appetizing, or appealing, meal.  Unfortunately though, just about every meal out, you will see these items added to the table décor.

Keeping in mind that you don’t want to place anything on the table that was not there upon your arrival; here are some tips on what to do with personal accessories:

  • Cell phones – out of sight and out of mind.  Spend the time at your table engaging in polite conversation with your tablemates, not your technology.
  • Keys – pocket or purse, hopefully you don’t need to plan for a quick get-away.
  • Purse or Briefcase – if the item is large, place it on the floor under your chair and out of the way of the wait staff.  If it is small, place it on your lap or between you and the back of your chair.  Refrain from hanging your purse or briefcase on the back of your chair…you want it to be there at the end of your meal.

By keeping the table free from unnecessary table accessories, you can more easily focus on your meal and your tablemates.

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