Manner Monday®: Trick or Treat Etiquette

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by Carey Sue Vega in Etiquette, Family, Manner Monday, Manners

Happy Halloween!  Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, many of the little ghosts and goblins in your community do; and they will be hitting the streets Friday night for the long anticipated fun of “trick or treating”.

Please take a few precious minutes to go over some reminders with your family to keep everyone safe … and to of course keep our “ghoulish” behavior in check.

  • Safety is a priority for everyone!  It can be very hard to see at night: not only for those in costume but also for those who may be driving.  A “black cat” darting out into the street in search of its next candy bar has no good outcome for either the cat in costume or the approaching car.
  • Of course everyone knows they’re supposed to say “Trick or Treat”, but please don’t forget to slow down and offer the other magic word of “Thank you” before darting off to the next house.

How old is too old?
And how many times have you seen rather ‘large’ (age-wise) tricker-treaters and have thought to yourself – ‘you’re too old for this’?  Yep, I know I have.  I highly recommend taking a few minutes to read this mothers take on her 6ft tall teenage son trick or treating with his buddies.  I bet you’ll have a change of heart – I know I did!

I know when I see those over-grown characters out this year – I’ll smile, and wish them well as they are transitioning to that next stage in their life where they will no longer be ringing door bells, but instead opening the door and handing out the candy.  I think many of us wish WE were still out ringing  doorbells, giggling and enjoying silly fun with our friends.

It’s no secret, children grow up way too fast – and if teenagers want to have a little harmless fun with their friends; who are we to judge (as long as they’re being respectful) and tell them they’re too old?

Happy Trick or Treating!



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As always, thanks for reading!

– Carey Sue

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