Manner Monday®: Trick or Treat

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by Carey Sue Vega in Etiquette, Family, Manners

It’s that time of year again – cute little costumes, and sweet little children, running from door to door ringing doorbells, ‘trick or treat-ing’ and stocking up on sugar.  Even if you don’t have children – you know the drill.

If you and your family participate in this entertaining event, please take a few minutes to go over some reminders with your little goblins to keep everyone safe … and of course keep our “ghoulish” behavior in check.

First of all, safety is a priority for everyone – even for those without children who may be driving home from work at dusk… just as the kiddos head out in search of sugar.  As drivers, we know how it can be very hard to see at night.   A “black cat” darting out into the street in search of its next candy bar has no good outcome for either the cat in costume or the approaching car.  Please remind your little characters to be extra vigilant when approaching the street and to do a ‘double take’ when looking for cars.

And of course all of the little goblins know they’re supposed to say “Trick or Treat”, but please don’t forget to remind them to slow down and offer the other magic word of “Thank you” while making eye contact before darting off to the next house.

Happy “Trick or Treat-ing”!


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