Manner Monday®: Treating Others Like A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

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I was recently at the Dallas Love Field airport, getting ready to board the same flight as a small group of 10 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. It was obvious who they were as they all had matching Cowboy Cheerleader logo luggage. They were beautiful young ladies. They were dressed respectfully, and they had flawless hair and makeup. They looked camera ready, which I think I’ve heard is part of their contract. If I haven’t already painted a good enough picture for you, I’m sure you can imagine it was definitely fun people watching in the waiting area. Between the grown men and women who were literally tripping over themselves as they walked by, turning to get a better look, to the sweet young girls who were looking up to the Cheerleaders with huge smiles.

What I really loved about the whole process was how the Cheerleaders stopped and put their technology away and would give each little girl 100% of their attention and focus and ask the little girl questions as if she was the star. The exchange always ended up with the parent getting a picture of the young girl with her new BFF’s.

I’m sure the Cheerleaders receive extensive training on how to act in public, but it was reassuring to see the interaction and what appeared to be their genuine interest in each person who approached them. They didn’t seem putout or annoyed, they truly acted as if it was their pleasure to accommodate the interruption.

For all of the negative stereotypes that are associated with the beauty behind the Cheerleader image, it was definitely enjoyable to watch how poised and professional these young ladies were. I’m thinking the training they’re receiving behind the scenes, as a Cheerleader, will serve them well into the next phases of their professional careers.

It all was a good reminder for me to treat the person I’m interacting with as if THEY were a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.


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– Carey Sue




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