Manner Monday: TMI

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As social creatures, humans like to share personal information with others.  That’s okay, right?  For example, “My daughter won first place in the spelling bee,” or “My son was one of the only 6th graders to make the baseball team.”  Those are congratulatory personal accomplishments and are fun to share… as long as we’re careful when saying them and not using them to “one up” someone, or for the sole purpose of bragging.

But when the personal information gets too personal, otherwise known as “TMI” (too much information), it becomes uncomfortable for the recipient of the information.  For example, “My ex-wife and her new husband are taking me to court for back child support,” or “My teenage son got in trouble at school for having alcohol in his locker.”  Wow!  What can you say to that?

I guess what I’m trying to communicate is this … be aware of your statements, and your audience.  We all have those certain few people with which we can talk about ‘less than perfect’ situations.  Isn’t that what good friends are for?  But try to refrain from sharing those kinds of stories with those people who I call peripheral friends, such as the other moms in the waiting room at dance class or the girls you see once a month at scrapbooking parties.  In the words of a teenager… “aaaaawkwardddd”!

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