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Manner Monday®: The Switch Witch



10 Things You Won't Believe You Haven't Taught Your Kids

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Today’s post has nothing to do with Manners; it’s more of a ‘public service announcement’ that will hopefully have parents rejoicing in unison for the passing along of the information.

How have I never heard about the Switch Witch before now!?!?!?  I’m seriously scratching my head wondering how this has not caught on like the Christmas ‘Elf’.

Even though Halloween is over, many of you may still have hoards of candy lingering from the weekend.  And many of you (me included) can’t keep our little (ok, big) fingers out of the stash.  It’s not too late to put a call into the good witch – the Switch Witch.  She will be happy to help and take that candy off your hands.

So, who is she?  Think ‘Tooth Fairy’ – your kiddo leaves a tooth under their pillow at night then the Tooth Fairy slips in while they’re sleeping to replace the tooth with cold-hard-cash (or a fun little toy); same principle for the Switch Witch.

Our friends told us about this idea Halloween evening – I immediately thought ‘genius’… whoever came up with this idea should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize (well, not really – but maybe).

We told our 8-year-old son about the Switch Witch and he was all in – he ended up with $10 out of the deal and we have a big bag of candy ready to donate to the local shelter on Monday.

You can easily adapt the Switch Witch to fit your family and come up with your own tradition. Our friend replaces the candy with a small toy her son has been eyeing.  Since we inaugurated the idea on-the-fly Halloween night, we went with the cash option.  Next year, we can plan ahead and decide which direction we want to go as he’ll be 9 and the gig may be up.  But our friend said even the older kids still participate following the rule ‘if you believe, you receive’.

And if you’re not feeling the vibes of the Switch Witch – I read numerous stories about local dentists buying back candy, $1 per pound.  Then they donate the candy to the troops overseas!  Another great idea!

Either way, I’d love to hear your stories;

  • Did you already know about the Switch Witch?
  • If it’s a new idea, were you able to ‘sell’ it to your kids even after a few days have passed?
  • If you have older kids, where they up for it?
  • Does your dentist participate in the candy buy back program?



In other news….

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Have you seen the Music Video?  Our Student Ambassadors came up with the idea, wrote the lyrics, arranged for the soundtrack recording, I helped arrange the videographer… they did the rest all themselves!  Pretty creative bunch of kids!!!

Don’t forget to watch through to the end for the bloopers!

Click on the picture below to access the video.


Business Etiquette Training and other Workshops
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  • First and Lasting Impressions
  • Professional Dress


As always, thanks for reading!

– Carey Sue

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10 Things You Won't Believe You Haven't Taught Your Kids

We promise not to share your contact information!