Manner Monday: The Oklahoma Standard

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by Carey Sue Vega in Family, Manner Monday

In case you missed the live ceremony Sunday of the 20th Anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing , I wanted to share something with you that was a highlight of the event and felt important to pass along.

You may have heard the phrase “The Oklahoma Standard” by now. It’s the phrase that has evolved to describe Oklahomans in general and how our community is known. It’s how our citizens come together during a disaster with servant hearts and do whatever is needed to help others. It’s also the attitude of our community on a daily basis when we see our neighbors in need.

As a way to honor those who were killed during the bombing, “The Oklahoma Standard” initiative was created. In a nutshell, the project asks us to commit to at least one act of ‘service’, on act of ‘honor’ and one act of ‘kindness’ during the month of April.

I’m looking at this as a great opportunity to share “The Oklahoma Standard” with the young people in our life. We all know our children learn best by watching our actions; my husband and I are going to start by taking our son to the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum.

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