Manner Monday®: ‘Thank-you’ = You’re hired!

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You’ve heard me time and time again talking about the importance of a hand written ‘thank-you’ note.  We’ve come to expect a thank-you note after sending a wedding present, or a baby gift.  But in the world of business, when you receive that UN-expected note in the mail – that’s the icing on the cake.  That’s the ‘wow’ that makes a difference!

And that simple act of putting pen to paper made a HUGE difference in the life of a local Oklahoma City Metro area resident.  After finding out what I do for a living – a few years ago our realtor, Wyatt Poindexter, shared this story with me.  I recently reached out to ask him if he’d put the story in writing so I could share it with you.

“In 1993 I moved to West Palm Beach to go to college. I talked a friend of mine to move out there with me. My friend, Bryan Pearson, started a new job at the Ibis Country Club Golf Course. One weekend he met Donald Trump at the club. The rain was delaying the golfing so Bryan spent the day talking with Trump. Bryan came back to our apartment and told me all about Trump. Bryan decided to write a “Thank-You” letter to Mr. Trump. About a week letter Trump calls Bryan at our apartment and invited him over for dinner at his famous Mar-a-Lago estate. Bryan went to Trumps house for dinner and Trump was so impressed with him and his letter that he offered him a job. Bryan’s new job was the head house manager of Mar-a-lago.”

Wow!  Now if that doesn’t demonstrate the power of a thank-you note – I don’t know what will.  Of course, every time you write a note, you can’t expect Donald Trump to hire you – but you never know what door it may open, or the opportunity it may present.

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