Manner Monday: Thank-You Notes

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by Carey Sue Vega in Etiquette, Family, Manner Monday, Manners

It’s that time of year… the Christmas presents have long been unwrapped, played with, and some – well, unfortunately they’ve already been forgotten about (sad but true).

After we returned home from visiting family over the holiday, it was time for our 8-year-old to dig in, get the pen and paper out, and write thank-you notes. I don’t know very many people who actually enjoy the process of writing thank-you notes… but I do know A LOT of people who really enjoy getting gifts! And like it or not, showing gratitude in the form of an old-fashioned handwritten thank-you note to gift givers is part of the process.

My husband and I are always working to instill gratitude and graciousness into our kiddo -we hear WAY too many stories about how ‘kids today are entitled’. Yes, we have a long row to hoe (he’s only 8), but we believe a thank-you note is a huge part of the process.

So after we finished the process this weekend, I decided to interview Billy to get his take on the topic. We hope you enjoy the interview.



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– Carey Sue

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