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by Carey Sue Vega in Etiquette, Family, Manner Monday, Manners

So if you’ve been following Manner Monday for a while, you know I’m not a fan of kids using technology (dvd, games, etc.) in the car. In our family, we do not allow movies, or games, on short trips. We look at this time as a great opportunity for conversations and teaching moments for our son about driving, navigation, landmarks, and a whole host of other things including music ‘appreciation’ like AC/DC, George Strait, and Bruno Mars to name a few J. I’ve heard from moms of older kids, that as their children venture into the tween/teen years, some of their best conversations have taken place in the car. And not to mention how I can’t help thinking that the time will get here before we know it when our Cub will be driving, and we want him to know how to find his way around town.

But as we all know ‘rules’ can also come with exceptions to the said rule… and a long car trip, yes, that is definitely one of our exceptions to tech check, load up and bring out the tech! We still try to point out learning opportunities, but realistically, technology just makes those long trips manageable. For instance, how many times have you heard ‘are we there yet’, and ‘how much longer’ shortly after you pull out of the neighborhood?!?! One way we make tech work for our family on long trips is by teaching our son how to use the timer and map apps on our devices. As we start out on our adventure, we pull up the map app and figure out what our best route is and the estimated travel time, and then we open the clock app and enter that travel time into the timer. Our son knows that instead of asking us ‘are we there yet’, or ‘how much longer’, he can look at the iPad to answer his own question. So far, for us, it’s working like a charm.

What about you, how do you make technology work for your family on long trips?

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