Manner Monday®: Sunglass Etiquette

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by Carey Sue Vega in Etiquette, Fashion, Manner Monday, Manners

Spring is in the air (hopefully) and that means sunglasses are coming out of hibernation.

Eye contact is a huge part of human interaction, it helps to gauge honesty, character, and helps to make a good first impression. When engaging in outdoor face-to-face conversations, start things off right by taking off your shades.  Unless you’re Jack Nicholson or Corey Hart – the last thing you want is to appear ‘shady’ (pun intended).  And speaking of Corey Hart, don’t wear your sunglasses at night (yes I went there)!  It worked for him, but if you try it, you’ll look like a goof whose trying to revive your break dancing career from the 80’s.

Do your best to keep the sunglasses off during the conversation, unless of course, you have a medical condition.  If it’s really bright and you find yourself squinting and squirming, apologize to the other person you need to put the shades back on due to the bright sun.

Another nice gesture, when you’re on the go and interacting with another person via a drive through, take your sunglasses off at the window so you can look them in the eye and say thank-you during the transaction.

When choosing your shades, think about the environment you will be in – if you have really cute, trendy, blingy shades, they may be perfect for your summer vacation, but may not be the best choice for a professional situation.  Too much bling will be a distraction for others.  Something a bit more conservative will help to keep the focus on you and the professionalism you bring to the relationship.

Bottom line, you don’t want your sunglasses to create a barrier to relationships or opportunities, just a buffer from the sun and protection for your eyes – their intended purpose.

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