Manner Monday: Should I tip?

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A friend recently sent a question via the Manner Monday Facebook page:

My hairdresser moved from the salon where she was cutting my hair to working out of her home. Do I still need to tip her and if so, what’s an appropriate amount? – Beth W.

How exciting for you hairdresser! And what a leap of faith! It’s always nice to know that your customers appreciate your work so following her to her new location is a huge compliment. I know she will be grateful for that in and of itself.

Tipping, is always a nice gesture for a job well done, but is not mandatory. If you do choose to tip, I would suggest 10-20%. If you choose not to tip, you could instead show your commitment to her by booking your next appointment before leaving. You could also ask for some of her new business cards to share with your friends. You can be very helpful to her in growing her new home based business by offering to share her contact information with your circle of contacts… That would be the ultimate “tip”.

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