Manner Monday: People Mover Etiquette

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Many families are heading out on summer vacation.  For many, that means hitting the airport. Most airports have various forms of people movers consisting of moving sidewalks, escalators and trams. These “people movers”, if you do not utilize them on a daily basis, can sometimes leave you to wonder how to navigate them comfortable and confidently.

Think of moving sidewalks and escalators as a highway. Slower traffic (standing) in the right lane, faster traffic (walking) in the left lane. When driving on a highway, if you stop in the middle of the rode, you create a traffic jam, or worse, an accident… same thing happens on people movers. Add to the mix, people pulling luggage, pushing small children in strollers, the elderly who may be feeling unstable… you get the picture. When you step off the escalator or moving sidewalk, if you need to get your bearings before moving on, make sure you step aside completely clear of traffic to alleviate an accident.

Also, it’s always a good idea to “hold on”, you’d hate to lose your balance and create the domino effect down the escalator. Especially on the tram, not only do you need to “hold on”, but hold on to your personal effects as well, those little trams can fly… sending your carryon on a little journey of its own!

If you are traveling, have a great vacation and good luck with the “people movers”.

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