Manner Monday: PDA

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by Carey Sue Vega in Etiquette, Manner Monday, Manners

With Prom season knocking on our door, I thought it might be good timing to touch on PDA (Public Displays of Affection) for all of the high school kiddos getting ready to venture out on the town….

Falling in love is wonderful, and when it happens, we want to shout from the rooftops and let the world to know.  However, being too affectionate in public isn’t exactly the best way to do this, and it shows disrespect for others and a lack of general Etiquette skills.  When you and your main squeeze make out in front of other people, it makes them feel extremely uncomfortable.  Or as teenagers would say, ‘AWKward’.

When people see youngsters exhibiting PDA, it sends a clear message that the ‘loving couple’ is not interested in those around them, to the extent of pretending that they are not there.  PDA in front of others shows a blatant a lack of respect; it’s tacky and unacceptable.  It is your social duty and obligation to show respect to those in your presence.

When mature couples are alone and in public, most people will agree that holding hands and occasional tender touches or glances are better ways to show your affection than Space Invasion.  One rule of thumb can be that if the action isn’t something you’d want your parent to see, it’s probably too much to do in public.  With that being said, most teenagers and young adults know not to ‘make out’ in front of their grandparents.  However, they may smooch at the mall in front of other people’s grandparents, and that’s just as bad.  You also don’t want to exhibit inappropriate behavior in front of impressionable children.

You may not realize this, but too much PDA in certain places, like school, can damage your reputation.  People around you may think that if you do a lot of heavy petting in the hallways of school, you’re doing quite a bit more in private.  This is not the image you want to be known and remembered for.

So do everyone (and yourself) a huge favor, and keep the PDA to a minimum!

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