Manner Monday: Parking Lot Etiquette

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Parking Lot Etiquette

Pedestrians: Yes, pedestrians do have the right of way when using crosswalks, but unfortunately pedestrians are often on their cell phones not paying 100% attention to their surroundings and are not looking before stepping out into those crosswalks.  Please do not walk out in front of an oncoming driver expecting them to stop… it may not happen.  When a driver does stop for you, how about looking their way and saying ‘Thank-you’, while quickly making your way through the crosswalk.

Drivers: Slow down and put your technology away!  The parking lot is no place for multitasking.  When you find a space, do your best to park in the center of the space.  This, not only, will allow enough room for you and your passenger to get in and out; but will also give the people in the vehicles occupying both sides of your space enough room to maneuver in and out.  Don’t forget to open your car door gently; no one likes a door ding!

Don’t be a space stalker: If you are stalking someone in the parking lot for their space, there is a pretty good chance you are blocking other cars and creating a bit of a traffic jam.  Plus, it may take the person you are stalking awhile to get their purchases, and possibly children, into their car and situated.  There is a pretty good chance you could have already parked and made it into the store, with the added benefit of a little more exercise, by choosing an available space down the way.

Specially designated parking spaces: Please do not park in the employee-of-the-year parking spot  … unless, of course, you are said employee.  This goes for all specifically designated spaces: handicap, expectant mother, etc.

Shopping Carts: Return them to their home or ‘corral’.  It is so frustrating to pull into a parking spot to find a stranded shopping cart smiling at you.

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